The laparoscopic surgery was born in France. Its founders were Mouret, Dubois and Perissat, Leroy and Fromont. Since 1989, the french surgeons who made laparoscopic surgery their subject of study and main activity have joined in associations.

Among these groups, the Club Mediterranéen de Chirurgie Endoscopique adopted the exchange between the Mediterranean countries and the Middle East ones as mission

This club, founded by Georges Timsit in 1992 in Nice, met for the first time out of France, in Algiers, in 1993, and from that time on has organised several international congresses.

The first one which took place at Nice in 1997, was chaired by Mr. Perissat, then it moved to Cairo, Tunis, Naples, Lisbon Tanger and Amman. Since 2000, some people have thought that the club, a «light structure», needs to increase.

In 2000, Dr Georges Amar from Beirut who had created the Lebanese Society of Endoscopic Surgery, went to Nice to meet Pr Mouiel and Dr. Timsit and invited them to participate in his first congress which took place in Portemillo, Lebanon from the 16th to the 18th November with the presence of representatives of the highest authorities of the country.

On the 18th November 2000, the Founder Meeting of MMESA took place in Portomillo, Leban by Georges Amar’s initiative.


First MMESA meeting

Georges Amar, Georges Papastratis (Greece) and Georges Timsit were there with Mouiel and Melotti. It was «the meeting of the three Georges». Colleagues from Syria, Egypt and Jordan who were present were invited to join the founder group. Dr Timsit, as the club founder, was nominated to represent France and encharged of recruiting the North African members who were already members of the CMCE.

Thereby, Timsit sponsored Mrs Abi for Morocco, Pr Hammed for Algeria and Pr. Sebai forTunisia. Dr-Ehtuish and Dr Hakky were proposed for Libia and Egypt respectively.The statutes of MMESA, both in english and french, were posted in Beirut.

The Club went on with its activity and then incorporated MMESA which became a true «Super Mediterranean Club».

The future of MMESA

Intensifying the exchanges, spreading new technologies, creating structures devoted to the prevention of risk and the patient’s safety.

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