MMESA congresses

2001 First Congress of MMESA in Beirut

President Georges Amar

2002 Second Congress of MMESA in Athens

President Georges Papastratis

2003, 22nd / 25th October Third Congress of MMESA in Istambul

President Pr Cavit Avei

2004, November Forth Congress of MMESA in Venice

President Pr Melloti
Creation of an Ethics Committee

2005, 24th / 26th November Fifth Congress of MMESA in Tunis

President Pr Sebai

2006, 25th / 27th October, Sixth Congress of MMESA in Malaga, Spain

President Dr Carbajo

2007 Seventh Congress of MMESA in Hurghada, Egypt

President Pr Bassiouni

2008, 30th October, Eighth Congress of MMESA in Bordeaux

President Jl Dulucq with Timsit, Brice Gaillet and Pr Bassiouni (Egypt)

2009, 11th / 13th November Ninth Congressf MMESA in Syria

Creation of the International Scientific Comitee and of the Session Training and Education: Risk in laparoscopic surgery

2010 Tenth Congress of MMESA in Tehran

President Pr Kalbasi

2011, November Eleventh Congress of MMESA in Catania

President Russello
Risk Management in laparoscopic surgery / Medico legal aspects
Convention between MMESA and ASSPRO with the project of constituting a commission devoted to the prevention and management of surgery risk, internationally.

2012 Arabia

2013 Cairo

2014 Georgia

2015 Dubai

2016 Oran

President Pr Boubekeur